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Dentistry for nervous patients

Our Promise To You

Approximately one in four of us have a fear or phobia about going to the dentist. Bad childhood memories evoked by the smell and sounds of the surgery are often to blame. This fear can mean that we don’t see a dentist in years, which can eventually lead to a lot of needless pain, suffering and restorative treatment that could otherwise have been avoided.

At Eunique Dental, we totally understand and are compassionate of this anxiety. From the moment you step into our Practice, we are sensitive and sympathetic to your needs. We have created a welcoming and inviting reception environment for you, with comfortable seating, flowers, books, artwork, a pleasant fragrance, music, flowers and Antonia, your friendly and dedicated point of contact who will assist you through every aspect of your visits with us.

Dentistry has come a long way since those haunting childhood memories. New and advanced techniques have greatly improved treatments, as well as creating new pain-free ones. If you have a needle phobia, we can apply a topical gel to numb the gum area ahead of anaesthetising. Eugene and Lucy are always very gentle, in fact, most of our patients remark how they don’t feel a thing! We keep the instruments out of sight, instead, offering you a TV screen to watch to help take your mind off things. Do you have a favourite soundtrack or album? We would love to play it for you to make your experience a more pleasant one. Would you like an early morning appointment so that your anxiety has less time to build? Just ask Antonia and she will find the perfect time for you.

We take things at your pace and will always work with you. We will clearly explain your treatment plan to you until we are happy that you understand everything. We will always give you the best available options to you and will encourage you in your treatment decisions. We are here for you, not the other way round and we want you to feel in control, every step of your journey with us.