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Six Month Smile review by Angela

“I have never had nice teeth, despite wearing braces as a child. Having nice teeth has always been a dream of mine.

Eugene suggested the ‘Six Month Smile’ treatment as an option to straighten my bottom teeth and make them level. This was something I hadn’t thought of as a possibility for me. Four months on, my bottom teeth are straight and level and I have had my veneers replaced. I can’t tell you what this means to me. It has made such a difference to my life, I am so happy with the results, I just wished I’d had the treatment years ago!”

Angela Olliver

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FREE Cosmetic Dentistry in Dartmouth…..honestly!

I am currently embarking on the process of becoming accredited by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD). Part of my accreditation entails completing five specific cosmetic dentistry cases, to an exceptional standard.

I am looking for eligible patients to receive treatment within the following categories :-

  1. White filling on a front tooth (this could either be replacing an unsightly filling or placing one for the first time).
  2. Replacing three silver fillings next to each other on back teeth.
  3. A smile make-over including veneers and / or implants.
  4. Placing a porcelain crown on a front tooth, with natural teeth either side.
  5. Replacing one missing front tooth with either a bridge or an implant.

If you think that any of the above relate to you, or someone you know, please get in touch with Antonia on 01803 833800 to book your free, no obligation consultation appointment to see if we can help you, to help us!


Eugene Boje BChD MSc

A designer smile, or a smile designed especially for you?

In recent years celebrities have helped give veneers an unjust reputation – that of being too white, too obvious, too perfect.

Although an ‘off the shelf’ smile that says ‘I’ve been to the dentist’ can make the owner feel proud of their outwardly perfect smile, their friends are often saying ‘what did she do to her teeth?’ behind her back. People want to own a beautiful smile but they don’t necessarily want to be known for it. Today, even Americans are starting to opt out of the stereotypical ‘Hollywood smile’ by favouring a more natural one, especially crafted for them to suit their skin, facial features and age.

Your individual smile should be just that – yours. Individually yours. One that tells your story. A perfectly imperfect smile with different textures and shades, natural translucency, opalescence and radiance. Often, it is our unique imperfections that make us more attractive, not perfect symmetry. You’d struggle to find perfect symmetry in nature.

A responsible dentist wouldn’t just apply veneers but adopt a multi-disciplinary approach. Straight teeth are the only way to ensure their full functional ability, throughout your life. As we age, our lower jaw shrinks, pushing teeth together, crowding them. Facial muscles change and start to droop, in turn, changing muscle pressure on teeth which forces them to become crooked. A misaligned bite causes teeth to grind and chip away at each other, causing cracks and tooth surface loss.

To achieve the most conservative outcome, teeth should be straightened before the thin yet incredibly strong veneers are applied. This ensures that as much natural tooth structure as possible is always preserved. An experienced Master ceramist will apply texture to each veneer, mimicking your natural enamel. Grooves and fissures can be added to scatter and reflect light as teeth do and different shades can be applied to make the teeth look natural – slightly darker by the gum line and lighter closer the tip. No tooth is just one colour. Each one contains many shades and characteristics. Your new smile must look like you.

It takes time and many hours for a knowledgeable cosmetic dentist and his or her team to create a healthy smile that looks like the patient has lived with their teeth for the last 50 years. If you are considering finding out more search online for a cosmetic dentist in Exeter, Plymouth or Devon and when you go for your assessment make sure to ask to see photos of similar cases they’ve treated. ‘Next level’ dentists take before and after images of patients to critically appraise their own work and to help them get better and better at what they do. If you’re having advanced dentistry created for you and you’ve not been shown photos, consider getting a second opinion.

Book a consultation with the cosmetic dentist of your choice and see where the journey can take you and your smile, when you have one designed, especially for you.

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Six Month Smile review by Dawn

“Tell all of your clients/potential clients that I absolutely recommend not only the 6 month smile procedure, but also you and your amazing team at Eunique.

After my treatment was finished, of course I was totally happy with the outcome, but when you’ve had an issue with your smile all of your adult life, it doesn’t really sink in that you no longer have those problems that for so long affected your confidence. It’s really from seeing photos of myself now, that I find myself going “Oh wow, they actually do look really great. My teeth look good!!”

The wires have been amazing and I hardly even notice them anymore so thank you for paying meticulous attention over them and for being so patient with me. You and the girls make visiting the dentist a real pleasure. It’s always such a relaxed and informal atmosphere and I know I can always have a laugh and a chat with everyone while I’m there.

Some people are a little shocked when I tell them I travel 57 miles each way but I’m more than happy to do the journey.”


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Sue Kendall reaches the end of her Six Month Smile


Eunique Dental patient Sue Kendall has recently finished her Six Month Smile teeth straightening programme, she talks to Eugene about how she has found the experience and how she feels at the end of the treatment.

“I’ve always been a smiley person, but I do think my teeth now enhance the way that I look and the way that I feel.

I feel far more confident.”

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Waiting room reading material

Dr Eugene Bojé feel-good regime


Being greeted by, and having a friendly chat with Antonia before your dental appointment is a wonderful experience in itself. But just in case you run out of conversation (which is unlikely, since Antonia is great to chat to), you should now reach for our copy of Manor Magazine where you can delve deeper into psyche of Dentist Dr Eugene Bojé as he reveals his feel-good regime!


Manor Magazine

Chanel vs Clairol: Why fashion models don’t flash their teeth and hair care models do

Fashion Model's Can't Afford to Smile


Believe it or not, Chanel’s fashion models can’t afford to smile!…

The primary job of a fashion model is to portray someone else’s personality, someone else’s creations, and to smile would be inappropriate as it distracts the audience from the clothes.

Fashion models must also be envied.  A model must project that she’s far too important to pay attention to you, but if you buy the clothes that she wears, you may be envied too.

These are the reasons why we see absent, blasé, contemptuous looking models on the runaway, even though they wear beautiful clothes and jewellery worth thousands of pounds.

The Fashion Model Smile


When we smile we focus attention on our faces, the person who sees us stop scanning us from head to toe as they linger on our smile and face. Clairol does not want us to look away from the model’s face, they spend millions to make sure our eyes linger on or near the product they want us to buy.

The Clairol Smile

Smiling is an important social function that connects with the subconscious of another person and can create positive shifts in how they feel about themselves and about you.

So, if you want to boost your confidence, be more trusted, rev up your feelings and appear even more attractive than you already are all you have to do is lavish us with a genuine, broad smile. If on the other hand you’re tired of people seeing you as more intelligent and more successful than you really are and you just want to show off your new Quba & Co jacket from their winter collection, hang on to that disinterested look.

Eugene – Tooth Reveal: What Your Lip Position Says About You

The smile is a sum of a number of features that contribute to it, either positively or negatively. One of the three major components of a healthy, beautiful smile is the lips.

Your upper and lower lips act as a frame in which your teeth are displayed and you can do your own evaluation of what YOUR lip position says about you in the mirror right now. We want to test only two lip positions and we’ll do that with the help of the letters M and E.

First, we want to determine how much tooth is visible when your lips are completely relaxed, or ‘at rest’. Let’s call this the “M” position: Say the letter “M” repetitively and then allow your lips to part gently. Take note of how much of your upper front teeth are visible. The averages for tooth display with your lips at rest according to age is:

• age 30 years, 2 to 4 mm
• age 55 years, 1 to 1.5 mm
• age 70 years, 0 to 0.5 mm

Finally, we want to determine how much tooth is visible when you smile and we’ll call this the “E” position. In front of the mirror say the letter “E” in a silly, uninhibited and exaggerated way, perhaps away from strangers! How much of your upper front teeth can you see now? Here is the average amount of tooth we would like to see on show at different stages of your life:

• age 30 years, 100% of the tooth
• age 55 years, 75% of the tooth
• age 70 years, 50%

Now you too are one step closer to becoming a cosmetic dentist! If we know these positions then we can design an age-specific smile, being either younger or older. We can match your teeth to your age or we can make you look slightly younger by changing the position of your teeth with white fillings, braces or veneers.

If you’re still in doubt that tooth reveal and lip position are important to a person’s appearance check out these images of the beautiful Helen Mirren which we manipulated to demonstrate how the different “M” and “E” positions can affect your look.



M Position


E Position