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01803 833800
Monday-Tuesday: 8.30-17.30
Wednesday: 8.30-13.00
Thursday: 9.00-19.00
Friday: 8.30-15.00
“Tell all of your clients/potential clients that I absolutely recommend not only the 6 month smile procedure, but also you and your amazing team at Eunique.

After my treatment was finished, of course I was totally happy with the outcome, but when you’ve had an issue with your smile all of your adult life, it doesn’t really sink in that you no longer have those problems that for so long affected your confidence. It’s really from seeing photos of myself now, that I find myself going “Oh wow, they actually do look really great. My teeth look good!!”

The wires have been amazing and I hardly even notice them anymore so thank you for paying meticulous attention over them and for being so patient with me. You and the girls make visiting the dentist a real pleasure. It’s always such a relaxed and informal atmosphere and I know I can always have a laugh and a chat with everyone while I’m there.

Some people are a little shocked when I tell them I travel 57 miles each way but I’m more than happy to do the journey.”


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