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Fashion Model's Can't Afford to Smile


Believe it or not, Chanel’s fashion models can’t afford to smile!…

The primary job of a fashion model is to portray someone else’s personality, someone else’s creations, and to smile would be inappropriate as it distracts the audience from the clothes.

Fashion models must also be envied.  A model must project that she’s far too important to pay attention to you, but if you buy the clothes that she wears, you may be envied too.

These are the reasons why we see absent, blasé, contemptuous looking models on the runaway, even though they wear beautiful clothes and jewellery worth thousands of pounds.

The Fashion Model Smile


When we smile we focus attention on our faces, the person who sees us stop scanning us from head to toe as they linger on our smile and face. Clairol does not want us to look away from the model’s face, they spend millions to make sure our eyes linger on or near the product they want us to buy.

The Clairol Smile

Smiling is an important social function that connects with the subconscious of another person and can create positive shifts in how they feel about themselves and about you.

So, if you want to boost your confidence, be more trusted, rev up your feelings and appear even more attractive than you already are all you have to do is lavish us with a genuine, broad smile. If on the other hand you’re tired of people seeing you as more intelligent and more successful than you really are and you just want to show off your new Quba & Co jacket from their winter collection, hang on to that disinterested look.